Our company history

Milestones in the development of OHS Aviation Services:


  1. September 2000: company founded by Ornulf Hilarius (CEO)
  2. July 2008: EASA Part 145 approval
  3. June 2009: Certified 16 G B/E Aerospace seat upholstery
  4. December 2009: acquisition of the cabin shop in Erfurt (EASA PART 21 J)
  5. 2010: LBAS single supplier of interior and exterior cabin services
  6. February 2010: EASA Part 21J approval
  7. July 2010: STC holder DO 328 seat design and upholstery
  8. January 2011: licensed and certified affiliate of Townsend Leather Group
  9. September 2011: European affiliate and distributor for Fiber Seal
  10. November 2011: official opening of the new facilities
  11. October 2013: approval of our cabin shop in Stuttgart and opening of the OHS interior showroom at the DC Aviation facility