Precision is the key to our work

Our work demands total accuracy. This is the only way for us to meet our high standard of quality. For example, with a complete interior refurbishment of a Global Express, several thousand individual parts are processed by hand. First, every part is removed with great care. Each single part is numbered correctly, photographed, stored and processed carefully by hand, custom finished and then reassembled, adjusted to the last millimetre. This is where German precision  is required – just as we deliver at OHS Aviation Services.

Assembly is normally highly complex and usually lasts several days. Processes are organised and completed to perfection on our premises thanks to experienced, highly qualified OHS staff – together with maintenance operations. This means that your aircraft is ready for take-off as quickly as possible!


Refurbishment example 

For example, the refurbishment of a Global Express uses around:
1,100 square feet of wood veneer, over 1,000 plated parts and more than 80 hides of leather.