A (lifelong) partnership with the best of care

Permanent maintenance of your executive jet is just as important as meticulous care of the precious cabin furnishings. This is the best way to ensure the value of your expensive capital investment over the long term and to make sure the aircraft remains attractive for you and your guests. This is why it is crucial to have a reliable partner at your side from the outset. A partner who will professionally maintain, clean, refurbish, care and protect the aircraft, throughout its entire operating life or the ownership of the aircraft.

Over the course of time, it is not just a special relationship that is established with the aircraft but also with the people who are responsible for the aircraft. At OHS Aviation Services we place great value on maintaining particularly cordial business relationships, we view ourselves as loyal and trustworthy service providers. From the very start.


The best of care

  • Superior care of products
  • Long-term concepts for care
  • Advice and sales of care products
  • Cabin repairs